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Organ Mountain Nightsong

Landscape photography can be quite the workout. I took this image high up in the Organ Mountains. Once I was there, the work had only just begun. I had taken quite a few lights with me in anticipation of this photograph. I scattered them on light stands and tripods all over the hopes of lighting up what I needed to for a very ethereal, fairy tale feel. Some of the lights were located over 300 yards away and balanced precariously on the side of the mountain. I would take a photograph and look at the back of my LCD screen to see that I didn't have a particular light adjusted correctly, so I would have to hike to the top, adjust the light, then back down to try again. I did this numerous times while my wife, Kiki, lay sleeping peacefully on a rock. When I was finally content with my lighting setup, I left the camera and joined her while waiting for the Milky Way to rise high enough to appear in the photograph.